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FDMtoken, Virtual Personality, Freedom Token FDM Token

FDM token

Virtual Personality is all Rights Online

FDM token

What is FDM token?

FDM token or Freedom Token, is a token with a strong orientation in the human being, its essence, its origin is totally related to the promotion of the Virtual Personality as a human right.  It is not just a token, it is a whole project focused on the human being, a project with multiple characteristics aimed at improving society. That is why the origin of this project legitimizes its name as “Freedom”, or its acronym “FDM”.

At this moment, through FDM Token, the creation of two DAO’s is becoming a reality; for the Global Network of Politicians for Crypto and for the Institute of Virtual Personality, entities with which the implementation in different countries of the fundamental right to have or not have a virtual personality will be managed. With this, solid organizations are established that allow those who believe in the project, a more efficient and supportive administration.

Freedom, FDMtoken, Virtual Personality

The Problem

There are people who are excluded in our society. They are not identified and are unprotected by the States. This is due to the absence of a constitutional legal support that contemplates a fundamental right, with the elements that include the treatment of the virtual personality.

There is also the issue of the extensive use of personal information by different entities, private or public, especially, but not exclusively, for marketing purposes.


The Solution: Freedom

The virtual personality, as a constitutional norm, encompasses an important human aspect, inclusiveness and respect for our virtual existence.

It provides fundamental rights, protection rights that the political constitution must recognize but, above all, with a special focus on those people who are excluded from society, it is the recognition of the human being as part of a society.

This is part of the development that we have envisioned.

Funds will be used in the promotion of the digital identity constitutional amendment, globally. For this purpose, Freedom is issuing 72 blocks of 250 thousand tokens with a total of 18 million tokens.

Therefore, we invite participants to promote human this right on three platforms:

  • Participation: actively collaborating in reaching legislators and senators or others to promote virtual personality as a fundamental right.
  • Events: to help spread the idea and publicize the importance of virtual personality as a fundamental right.
  • Research: collaborating in delving further into the topic of virtual personality, creating opinion and debate on this important topic.

This is Freedom…

We cordially invite all people to participate in this important initiative in order to make a valuable contribution to our society and to the human being in general.

You must be part of this…

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