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Freedom LGDC

Local Government Digital Currency, #LGDC

Political Token Corp. Model

  1. Political Token Corp. promotes the development of local currency to activate economic and social development.
  2. People who share our mission may participate in promoting the development of local currency. As recognition of their participation, they will be able to receive tokens (FDM Tokens), which have a value of $0.00.
  3. Participants may redeem other tokens for FDM tokens.
  4. Political Token Corp. has participatory governance and to fulfill its mission, it sponsors the Global Network of Politicians for Crypto and the Virtual Personality Institute.

What is Freedom #LGDC current status?

  • The FDM token is on the Polygon blockchain which is compatible with Ethereum, in turn it is very fast and the transaction cost is very low.
  • There are 18,000,000 FDM tokens, which are divided into 72 pools and whose rate of participation varies depending on the pool we are in. Currently, we are in the 6th pool, so redeeming 1 FDM token has a rate of $32.
  • Given that the value of the FDM token is $0, an increase in the number of participants and support in the development of the initiative will allow not only the increase in rate, but eventually liquidity could be achieved.
  • The future of the FDM token is to promote the participation of a greater number of people globally and thereby increase the demand for tokens and their rate.
  • The 7th pool will be issued in a different Blockchain than Polygon that also shares our values.
  • For any Blockchain, participating means also HODL and not trading FDM.

What is the projection of the pools of FREEDOM #lgdc?

The FDM tokens are divided into 72 pools, the rate of redemption varies depending on the pool.

Pool 1             1 FDM  =  $ 1

Pool 2             1 FDM  =  $ 2

Pool 3             1 FDM  =  $ 4

Pool 4             1 FDM  =  $ 8

Pool 5             1 FDM  =  $ 16

Pool 6             1 FDM  =  $ 32

In this way, the greater the number of participants, the more feasible it is to increase the number of pools and the possibility of increasing the rate. We are currently at the 6th pool.

*The rates described in the table refer to an exchange rate predefined by the issuer.


  • The value of each FDM token is $0, therefore, the exchange of goods and services for FDM tokens is one of the aspects being developed by the FDM Community.
  • Participating in the initiative means also FDM HODL.
  • The FDM Community is made up of all the people who own FDM tokens and is governed by statutes approved by the community itself, which regulate the possibility of exchanging FDM tokens for goods and services.
  • Freedom, as a new alternative, constantly generates spaces for community members to support the initiative, either through the Global Network of Politicians for Crypto or the Virtual Personality Institute.